Montrichard Service Center

The Service Center takes care of all after sales services issue of Montrichard Group including:

  • Watch Repair – Repair your watch.
  • Watch Registration – Register your watch to enjoy full warranty.
  • Warranty Management – Check our warranty to see how your covered.
  • Watch Repair

    The Service Center performs warranty covered reparations and standard reparations & services.

  • Warranty Covered Reparations – Warranty Covered Reparations are the reparations covered by the warranty of your watch.
  • Standard Reparations & Services – The Service Center performs standard reparations and services that are not included in the warranty or that concern watches with expired warranty.
  • Repair your Watch

    Register Your Watch

    Register your watch to enjoy full warranty and after sales services from Montrichard Group Service Center.
    Register your timepiece ensures your watch will receive the highest standard of service.
    Register your watch

    Montrichard Watch Warranty

    Your brand watch is warrantied for a period of 1 year from the date of purchase under the terms and conditions available on the Warranty section of the Service Center.
    Learn more about your watch warranty

    Register your watch is quick and easy!